CPA Affiliate Offers

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA stands for Cost Per Action and it refers to a type of marketing that usually involves a Publisher such as ours First point Marketing, generating leads for advertisers who turn, will pay the Publishers a Commission for a quality lead generated or for a sale

It works like this:

The Publisher generates organic traffic via the Search Engines and by other Social Media sources s which you , the Publisher then send an offer. The offer is can be promoting products or generating high quality converting customer leads.

When the consumer makes a payment to the advertising Company or a lead is generated, the Publisher receives a commission for it’s marketing efforts.

How Much Does It Pay?

Generally, the payment for each individual CPA offer varies.

How Do I Do It?

It is vitally important to remember that the objective is to provide the advertiser with leads which are most likely to convert into sales, resulting in commission payment, to you the Publisher

So how do you get started with CPA marketing?

Well, it happens in stages.

  1. Sign up with an affiliate network
  2. Find a method of driving targeted traffic
  3. Get your affiliate links
  4. Drive traffic to the links

The first stage is to sign up with a CPA affiliate network. You will need to sign up as an affiliate, sometimes known as publishers (not advertisers).

There are a large number of networks around including




Commission Junction.

Driving Traffic to CPA Offers

Well, there are several effective ways to get people viewing your offers.

  • Creating blogs reviewing several offers in the same niche e.g. Weight Loss and linking to the offers from there. You could also add offers to existing sites if you have them.

Whether you use one of the above methods, or the one I’m going to detail here, focus on that until you can make it profitable. Then move onto the next one. Many people make the mistake of trying several things at once and not following through with them for long enough to understand them and get results.